- I N D E P E N D E N T   M U S I C   A W A R D S -


“Prince of Crown Heights”, an ethnic sounding masterpiece, showcases Clifton’s diversity and ability to produce across multiple genres.”

- E A R M I L K -


..A beautiful balance between elements of dreamy pop and hard-hitting trap.”..Surprises you with both quality and sonic diversity.

- T H E   M U S I C   N I N J A -


Conrad Clifton proves he's EDM royalty with his latest release.”

- E D M   S A U C E -


"Beautiful Tragedy", a genre-blending soundscape that stands out as it's own unique creation." "..Does a very good job of going beyond what's expected"

- F U X W I T H I T -

The name Conrad Clifton is swiftly becoming synonymous with emotive, soul-enriched electronic music. The Brooklyn based producer has assisted Grammy Award winning producers with projects for world famous artists, and has seen individual success with his own distinctive hybrid of Electronica, House & Hip-Hop/Trap. Winner of the Independent Music Award for Best Dance/Electronica EP, Conrad is know as "one of the most exciting electronic artists to watch."

Clifton‘s latest album Beautiful Tragedy is a soundscape with a sheer level of depth to it, which blends and delves into many different musical aspects to produce a cinematic wonderment. The lead single 'Infinity Pool', a melodic and imaginatively progressive soundscape, serves as the introduction to Clifton's new music label Infinity Pool Recordings.

With his recent SXSW Festival appearance, sharing the stage with artists like San Holo, Sweater Beats, Chrome Sparks, Sam Gellaitry, Pomo and Alexander Lewis - plus his captivating live performance at Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival, Conrad looks to bring his music to a much larger audience. The listener might pick up on elements of Flume, SBTRKT, Cashmere Cat, Kaytranada or Mura Masa - but equally they’ll be struck by the music’s individual character and irrefutable emotional impact.